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FB_IMG_1445896722554FB_IMG_14458966927021440652797865FB_IMG_1445896745453Do you ever know how many decisions and choices you make daily or at a time?I read an article today and i can give an example of it that an average adult makes 35,000 decisions in a day,which i feel is too much.Don’t you think so too?However,most decisions are made out of choices.What is the difference between decisions and choices?lets look at it.
Have you ever been somewhere with friends just hanging out then you come across an ice cream store and decide that you wanna buy some.There are many flavors that you don’t know which one to choose then finally you choose the flavor that you know.its like walking to a ovie shop without an idea of which one to buy then the person in charge talks of very many movies that you get confused and the only choice is to buy one that you have heard before.
Choosing is like picking an item from menu and we can always make the same choice over and over again.A decision cuts off other options,whereby you only have an opportunity to decide once.decision is  the ‘turning point’ of all surrounding situations.
Not all decisions will always be successful.Some will have hard paths,others will go on well but don’t go through at the end and most of them will need determination,which is the key to all decisions.Decisions should always be made out of passion,willingness,goals,likes and passion.When you made a decision t do something you love,;NEVER GIVE UP’ Always get determined and keep on working even when situations tend to be difficult each day and learn to get up from your past mistakes by accepting corrections and trying new ideas,being innovative,and having self motivated each time.
Peer pressure,environment,family,commitments,emotions,and self drive will always make you rise or fall down to a place where you did not expect.It’s like getting money and announcing it to everyone and who knows i might convince you to the right direction or vice versa
Do not allow Satan to tell you that you are the only one who has walked this path,or that nobody understands what you are going through.Always convince yourself that many have walked through the same path,faced the same situations,got up and tried something new.
This weekend Arsenal played with Chelsea(football),and am convinced that Arsenal defeated Chelsea.Do you think Chelsea will quit waitandsee the same game in one or two weeks time’Keep giving your best util you win’.Running the race with patience does not mean to run with some calm,serene look n our faces,not being concerned when another runner is trying to pass.It does not mean to sit around twiddling your thumbs.No!It means were to run the race with determination,with perseverance and endurance.
We are in the race to win!We have made a decision,and we are in it for the long haul.The race is not over until we are in the winner’s circle.This is the attitude you have to have.
You can’t wait to see my next post on ‘The journey of overcoming obstacles to wealth’

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