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The journey of success starts with us

The journey of success starts with us

Why are we rich?Why is your fiend rich ,yet you do the same things together.This is a very important question that every finance person should be in a position to ask themselves and answer appropriately by viewing their lives.
Today I have been thinking of my priorities to achieving my goals.As i was in the library trying to find out some of the finance articles that could help me grow,I came across this inspiring story  that really touched me and encouraged me that no matter what,i should continue to my journey to obtain wealth through my set goals besides the obstalces.I sat on it trying to find a common thread as to how i can relate this man’s journey to the journey so many of us have taken.Here is the story;
‘When Jean Beliveau began his journey 11 years ago,he had no idea how long it would take to get to his goal.He started out running,but soon sorted to walking.He struggled with many obstacles such as poverty,falling ill in Algeria to being mobbed in South Africa.While he did consider giving up on his journey,his girlfriend encouraged him to continue on,which he did.
After 11 long years,what started out as a journey to achieve,was a goal to walk around the world.He learned a lot, more than he could ever imagine when he took his first step.He came back with a ‘wealth of knowledge and understanding’.While most of us will never embark on a journey of this magnitude but give up.I think we can find a commonalty between his journey and that of our own.
Obstacles  should not stop you.If you run into a wall,don’t turn around and give up.Figure out how to climb it,go through it,or work around it.”~Michael Jordan
This commonalty is that our life is a journey,we all have expectations and when the expectations fall short,the first thing we think of is quiting.We gotta stand up more braver,face the obstacles and deal with the courageously.We all achieve our expectations through struggle.
‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling,but in getting up everytime we do
Here is a list of obstacles that could stop you from achieving your fanancial wealth.
1.Fear.-In the field of finance,we have fear of failure,fear of success, fear of downfall and fear of debts.In anything we do ,we should always be prepared to expect anything,the question is how do you carry on with it.This comes hand in hand with Shame,hence the only treatment to shame is creating powerful story that will give you the self-esteem you need to overcome shame.
2. Being rich minded verses poor minded-I bring out the question again,that why are some people rich and others poor in terms of wealth,knowledge,brains and understanding.This is because rich minded people always think that they create their own lives while poor minded people believe that life happens to them.
3. Habit-In everything that you do,you should always ask yourself,that do your habit promote success and wealth,For example when you acquire some money the first thing you need to do is to set your priorities right,plan for your money,budget for it and remember to save.
4. Be Yourself-Coping what friends do or what someone else does doesn’t mean you are on your journey to achieving financial wealth.Do your own things,do that which suits your heart and satisfies you with your own dreams and goals,study,have fun,travel,play.Live each day with what it has at hand.
5. Lack of knowledge-I agree hat finance is taught in school.However a great percentage of it is self-drive and interest,with how much you know about daily finance and money as well.Read and learn as much as you can from different resources on building your wealth.
6. Procrastination-Make your goals a priority.
7. Anger-If you are an angry person,you probably will do things with an angry spirit.An angry spirit does not attract money.
8. Motivation-Always have the ‘I can do’mind and go for what you really want.
9. Determination and Passion-A determined person with a lot of passion in what they are doing,will always succeed despite how long it takes.
10. Feel good about yourself-self-motivation is the key to great success.
How would you feel when you struggle so much with something you passionately love,go through ups and downs,discouragements all over,obstacles hiting on you,pressure and lack of time to concentrate on it fully.Then one day you achieve your expectation and get to a level that you never could imagine?Imagine you are rich,you have so much money that planning,budgeting and programming is done each and every time?This is the joy of achieving what you want in life…..KEEP MOVING.
”Success is to be measured,not so much by the position that one has reached in life,but as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”
         Do you have more wisdom than when you first started your journey?

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  1. Samson Sunguti

    December 6, 2015

    Great Joy… Tips to financial Success

    • The FinanceGirl

      February 17, 2016

      Thankyou Sam

  2. JudyGerald

    March 8, 2017

    Really insightful, “why am I rich, why is my friend rich while we do the same thing?”
    Thanks gal.

    • mpeggyjoy

      March 8, 2017

      I appreciate dear. I hope you’ve answered yourself those questions ?

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