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By on November 17, 2016

Been a while.Am happy to finishing this semesters exam and embarking on my blog fully.Proud to be part of BAKE association.i believe i will grow and be more creative in my blog.
For the past few days i have learnt that life needs positivity to get things done however difficult it may be.I came across a story yesterday in wattpad about this guy who whose family was well of and was working in his father’s ranch.Time went by and he realized that he had not completed his studies.He also thought of the need to take advantage of the wealth they had,start saving and manage his own business.He did exactly that but as the business grew bigger,the company was incurring losses each financial year and there was a need to initiate an accountant.It was difficult to geta qualified personell since the company was in a ranch but they found a qualified person who would stay in the company,keep the company’s financial records and stay in the company as long as possible.
In summary i learnt that there is need for self-direction for every individual.use every opportuntiy to do something productive.Have you ever wondered why some people take life so easily?things might not be working well as planned but we need to form strategies and develop positivity in order for life to progress.
As you wait for my next post,remember you can purpose to save shs10 per day.|PositivityIsKey.

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