How to stick to your daily financial plan

By on November 18, 2016

Good Evening from Peggy,

I hope you had a nice week.Mine was full of exams but am glad am done and will be reading for CPA  this weekend.What is the first thing you do when you receive some amount of money,either from someone say parent,friend,salary or someone paid your debt?For m i would start thinking that well probably i need to buy something,i need to save it for future purposes or i just need to help a friend with it.I come up with a plan for it.Here are some of the things needed in order to stick to my daily financial plan.
1.Budget for your money
Have an idea in mind of how much you need to spend that day and stick to it.You can list down someone or just figure it out in mind.
2.Carry some extra amount
This happens for purposes of emergency,mostly when you go for occasions.Always carry some little amount for back-up but not too much that will interfere with your budget.
3.Peer Pressure
Do not be carried away by peer pressure.Know your purpose and remember that everyone has planned for their day differently.Ofcoz you need to hang out with friends but if it s not within the scope of your budget then be considerate and later on cover up for it.
Set your priorities right.Plan your money according to what is most important for that day.Remember that time can never be reversed.
Avoid being too rigid with your money.I have always been telling my friends that as you  plan on how you will spend your money remember to buy yourself some ice cream for the day and treat some of your friends because when you will have none they will always be there to support.Remember ‘the fact that you are not rigid in planning for your money does not mean that you are spendthrift’.Planing well means there is always room for uncertainties.
Do what your mind tells you.Give when you can,spend enough when you can and enjoy every bit of your money.Have a lovely weekend.



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