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HAPPY mid-week beautiful people,
How far have you achieved your 2016 plans? How much expenditure have you incurred from your 2016 budget? How efficient have you used your finances this year? How much and how often have you been able to pay yourself this year (that’s the next post btw). We all have that one thing we want to achieve each preceding year . there are many i wish and hope to achieve in 2017,meanwhile let’s take stock. I will be writing taking stock posts every year just to… Maybe break the monotony from the main topic and you can also have a chance to read on how i would like to take my stock in each preceding years…… 
WRITING:I want to write more and more of my blog posts with an objective of educating someone, inspire and maybe entertain(videos coming soon) mainly in my area of study finance and accounting. I just want to write, write and eventually achieve this big dreams that i have (they are big indeed).
READING:Apart from school work, i want to purpose on reading more of some of the books that will enable me to grow and be more creative in my writing. For example i just read some books recommended by Natalie bacon (my role model… So to say :D) one of them being ‘The millionaire next door’.
APPRECIATING:myself more, family, friends, what i do, the fine things in life and most of all God for this far.
DRESSING: ooh yes i wanna start investing in more dresses. Then long sleeved tops and with specific colours like black, Grey, Navy blue (ofcos blue is favorite…. Such a cool colour). Then having pink tops or cream once in a while ain’t bad. Shoees… Aam variety maybe.
LISTENING  : aaam not so specific at the type of music i listen to. What i do is that i get updated on the latest ones then download them. My brother is so good at updating me on that heee;for example a sing might have just been released yesterday, but he always knows the whole song from the beginning to end.
I also want to consistently watch tedx talks you tube videos they are so inspiration and helpful in our daily lives.
Ican also listen to the power of my mind in order to make better financial choices next year and stick to my budget.
WATCHING :tedx talks videos ofcos, more and more investigative movies just to mention some ;the likes of scorpion season 3 is out but 7 episodes, designated survivor will be complete next year and power season 3 is also done (am that updated Hehe 😜)
I also like watch videos of different successful people who inspire me to continue working harder each day (that’s what keeps me going)
LOVING:I love what i do, what i study, i just love being smart and orderly btw am a perfectionist Atleast i made one achievement this semester. I made my friend, classmate and deskmate buy a ruler and atleast change her handwriting a little bit and also be organized (she will kill me when she finds this here lol😂).
In the years to come i want to continue loving each and every person in my life more ;family, friends, and neighbors each and every single moment in life. I look forward to even loving my career more and i pray that my dreams come true.
photogrid_1479905570043COOKING :you know there’s always that one thing that your mother or sister usually cook using many processes that it gets difficult to learn just by sight.I think this holiday people at home will be relieved coz i will want to know every detail of every meal ie spices.
EATING:heee if there’s something i love eating so much is nyama choma . believe me if you buy me nyama choma, that day will remain memorable in my entire life. (been long since i ate it) looking for to eat it soon.
WANTING:Lastly i want to be a better person in life each and every passing day ;financial planner, analyzer, CEO, CFO etc name them, they are big i tell you (but planned ofcos). I want to appreciate myself every passing day and for people to appreciate me as well.
Stay tuned to my next post:PAY YOURSELF…… thanks for reading i hope you have yours in mind. 😋
Enjoy the rest of the week…. Love love. 😍😍

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November 24, 2016

  1. dyanahamunala

    November 24, 2016

    Awesome I love the message shared…so inspiring and the best you have and will achieve #*all the best pal* your loved

    • The FinanceGirl

      November 24, 2016

      Thankyou dear, i appreciate much

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