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Here is a post for you. (today am really writing… It’s a hobby?) We have different needs each particular time some of us including me even have role models that we really want to emulate ;how they carry out themselves, what they do, which type of shoes they wear today (stalkers), the type of dresses they like to wear, their career path, which type of make up they use and specific beauty shops. The list is endless.
It reaches a point when you really want to buy something you either have money but you don’t know how to plan for it or you don’t have the cash at hand and you don’t know how to start investing the little cash you may come across at any given time.I am going to take you through how you should invest on them and plan as well as budgeting. I use them too (so far so good there is progress).The first thing is to identify a need. What do i really need to accomplish something :
Write a list of the things you wish to have in a diary or a small book  and number them for planning purposes. Make sure the list consists of things that are attainable. 
Look at each one of them and identify which one you really need at a specific time. Set your priorities right taking into consideration the amount of cash you have and that which you want to invest in at a particular period.
Look at your cash at hand or expected cash that will enable you to invest. Then ask yourself the following questions ;is it enough for me to buy what i want at that particular period? How much does the item cost (research on specific shops before coming to a conclusion) ofcos depending on your taste and quality. and finally how much money do i need in order to purchase all the items listed.
Set your priorities right, remember that is part of planning, look at the importance of an item at that particular point. One it will give you an easier time to budget and second shopping will be easier too.
Identify a friend
Ladies, sometimes shopping alone can be tricky especially when shopping for an occasion. Find a close friend or relative to help you in planning and budgeting so that you don’t overspend or underspend and again so that you choose something really perfect that you have been investing for, for ages now.
Ticking and feedback
After buying an item check your list, and budget and see if you have accomplished your goals, that is how much you have spent, what items have you been able to buy, and how much money is left to buy other items and is it enough? If not start investing. Finall
Finally ladies! Do not forget to stick to your budget. Do not forget to pay yourself and Do not forget you have a plan to invest on other things in life too.
Next post tomorrow will BE’SERVING OTHERS WITH YOUR MONEY? ‘ Thanks for reading and feel free to ask any questions. Lovely day beautiful ladies. Plan, budget and invest.

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