How to budget your best vacation ever

By on December 25, 2016

Have you been having difficulties in budgeting for your vacations? Have you been under-spending or over-spending during your vacations? People also feel pressurized(negatively) during their vacation due to improper budgeting or lack of budgeting. This is the right post for you. Here are some of the ways you need to budget for your best vacation ever ?
1.Know your budget. 
You need to know how much cash you have at hand for your vacation, how much you are able to spend and at what degree should you spend it. This will help you to identify a suitable place that will be in line with your budget. It also helps to know different activities to take part in during your vacation, and maybe how many people should accompany you.
2.Savings plan. 
This can take place in a situation where you want to go for a vacation at a place where you have never been before and that is quite expensive for you that you just need to save for it earlier for example 2 months before in order to reach the plan.
By this i mean, purpose to discuss with the person (people) you plan to go on a vacation with the finances you have in place, location and whether you need to have a partnership savings plan. This reduces an element of uncertainties, confusion and disagreements.
4.Stick to your budget 
The whole plan gets useless when one does not stick to their budget. (read my previous post on how to stick to your daily budget. Sticking to your daily budget shows objectivity and trust between partners.
This comes after budgeting, putting your finances in order, deciding a location, and reaching up to your savings plan, In order to be sure that you have budgeted well, it is important to to confirm and call to that specific place (a hotel, restaurant etc). Lack of contacting may lead to inconveniences and disappointments.
6.Budgeting for your transportation 
Regardless of how much money you have, you need to budget for your transport facilities, are you going by car (private or public), by air, train etc. This is because some transportation cost rates varry with time, and some even have promotions. It is important to check that and budget for the two way transportation.
7.Element of Notebook. 
I will soon have a post on ‘element of a notebook in planning and budgeting’.
A notebook is vital. It is always important to jot down with a pen, variety of places chosen, activities, allocation of cash to each activity, cash at hand and also your savings plan. The budget becomes even clearer when jotted down on the notebook with a pen. Using a phone notebook is also important but i am prone to a portable notebook with a pen, i believe it’s the best.
8.Pay Yourself 
Read one of my previous posts on paying yourself.
In every vacation, there must always be some of the things you need to do with your cash or buy out of your main budget. I still insist on paying yourself. Isn’t it good or doesn’t it feel good to buy yourself a gift during a vacation (for memory purposes). Always budget for some money to treat yourself to treat yourself with your money during the vacation. Thanks for reading.
Have a wonderful week ahead.

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