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Happy holiday,
We might be good at budgeting and planning, but lack the knowledge on the don’t of financial habits.
Ethics apply everywhere, it does not only apply in the workplace but it starts with you as a person, how obedient and respectful are you to stick to your budget and follow your plans regardless of fear, peer pressure and some inconveniences?
2.Assumption and Action. 
Just that you have written a budget in a journal does not mean you have managed your finances, stop assuming and take your budget and plans into action, use the ticking process (as i said in a previous post) and evaluate yourself after a particular period.
Most of the people think that good management of your finances and money come hand in hand with economizing. Remember to pay yourself. You don’t have to mean yourself freedom of buying yourself something just because you want to manage your money well (you are misleading yourself). Use the money when it is there taking into consideration your budget plan and savings plans so that you don’t over-spending.
4.Over-Spending and Over-Estimation/Under-Estimation. 
Spending is the act of using your money while estimation takes place during budgeting when one is estimating how much to allocate for a certain activity or how much to save. While spending your money, do not forget that you had a budget in mind. Do not be misled by groups or anxiety.
While making your budget, budget according to your income do not over-estimate that you will have pressure of not meeting your budget at the end of the day, and do not under-spend that will live you with regrets of “i  wish i could ‘.
5.Secrecy and lack of consultation. 
Good financial managers have the ability of consultation. They also accept correction and take them positively and evaluate that which is important to them.
By Secrecy i mean, do not just confine yourself to your budgets or future financial plans. Have that trusted friend, mentor, parent or sibling that you are in a position to open up to some (not all) of your financial plans with the aim of getting advices and corrections here and there.
Enjoy the rest of the week. Feel free to ask questions or clarifications where possible.

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