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I’d like you to ask yourself this one question that How are friends connected to finances? What positive or negative thought do my friends add in my life? How am i supposed to spend my finances in their presence? Once you answer these questions, then you will never have a problem with friends and your finances. 
There are friends that you will imeet on a daily purpose, say hi to them and forget. There are friends that will only serve as your business partners. Others will serve as education guides and and for lifestyle purposes. One thing you should know is that all of them have an importance in your finances in one way or the other. You will need to go out with a friend, treat that friend who helped you with a mathematical calculations, those that helped in business deals etc. Here are some of the details you need to know :
Spending your finances with friends 
You have different friends, with different characters, personality and different backgrounds, be quick at identifying a sincere friend and one who is in a position of misleading you to overspending your finances . The way you spend your money with them strongly portrays who you are and what they will be saying about you behind your back. Are you an economiser, spendthrift, considerate or ignorance with your money? 
Secrecy with your finances 
You don’t have to open up to every friend about your budget and savings plan just because they are close friends. Take time to learn and gain trust in someone before sharing your finances with them . Remember that even your family members stand a better place at misleading you. 
Sharing and paying yourself 
Having fun with friends, visiting them going out, taking photos, treating them is an element of paying yourself. Using your money for self-worth only shows that you are mean. 
Be analytical
There are those friends who would like to mislead you. Be keen at anylising your friends as fast as possible so that inconveniences don’t take place. Lack of being analytical leads one drifting away from their budget plans. 
See how your friend carries out themselves with their money, emulate that which is of importance to you and be sure to correct them whenever they go wrong (it doesn’t cost a thing by correcting your friends on the right way to spend or use their finances) 
Stick to your budget 
You will meet friends, Have fun and moments with them but never ever forget that you have a budget and savings plan that despite the fact that you have fun, you will also remain considerate with your budget and theirs too. How are you supposed to be considerate with another person’s finances? Ask them how much they planned for the day and how much they are willing to spend. 
Finance is everywhere Even with friends, family, neighbours and enemies. Stay focused with your finances. 

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