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I know how it feels when you try to share an idea then find out that someone else in the same crowd is also aware of it.
I know how it feels buying shoes or accessories you think it’s unique only to find a variety of people in town with the same.
I know how it feels when a group of a thousand similar but differentiated people competing for one thing in common. 
Finally i know how it feels when every other person is aware of your personal financial budgets or you are in a group of people competing for the same finances with almost the same strategies (Go an extra mile it’s never crowded) 
As i thought about this phrase the other day, it really motivated me that i can go an extra mile in whatever i do, no matter the circumstances,the amount of people doing the same and the amount of competition. It all about strategies.
As a student, we are very many students across the country doing the same course and with the aim and goal of getting the same jobs. For those working, many of them are in the same departments doing the same job and working towards the same salary at a given period. Let’s take a look at the entrepreneurs who who venture into real estate (rental houses). How many rental houses are there? very many of them. Flats are being built year in year out, some are less costly, others the same and others are even situated in areas with less security. 
You should ask yourself this questions :that How am i going to stand out from the rest? What are the strategies that i need to put in place in order to to get more customers, to be more competitive and what do i need to correct here and there in order to get more clients? What are my marketing strategies? How do i relate with people? Am i eager to learn? Do i spare some time to explore and find more information in my area of study? 
Once you answer those questions, that is the point when you will realize that it’s you in the world against the rest. That no matter the situation, strive to go an extra mile. It’s never crowded, the problem is that we never take action in to analysing the strategies needed. 
(Now let’s go to finance) Many of us are too sympathetic of themselves. Why do i say that. We have ventured into this phrase of oh i am broke, i don’t even have money, my parents are broke, i don’t always eat lunch. Being too sympathetic of yourself will never help. They  say WAKE UP, DRESS UP, SLAY BABY SLAAAY. Is that even difficult? You should read one of my posts about you can save shs10 in a day, that no matter how much income you get however less it may be that little that you save can help you budget on your clothes, personal details and even help your parents after a little more budgeting and saving. 
No matter the difficulty smile knowing that you have your plans in place, your budgets and a savings plan so you don’t have to worry in future. Meet friends, Have some coffee with them, tell stories, and when the day ends thank God for the day and remember to check whether you saved for the day and while doing that, analyse that have you spend according to your budget, and how much more do you need to save in order to stand out from the rest, buy something that your role model has and you aspire to have? Go an extra mile in order to be more competitive? 
Personally i like doing something to its level best especially school work, something that i feel that i should really be the best in because i know i will get a better future, in it i will get money and manage my finances and eventually be a great person in future. It’s not that we are numerous people running to get the same amount of money in future, it’s just that i need to work extra hard go an extra mile so that i can even earn more. (Remember your purpose in life). 
Life is a journey that needs patience, determination and being considerate
Managing finance needs own self cooperation, determination and consistency. It is our duty to know that we have to go an extra mile in order to come out of the ‘crowd’. Stick to our budget, save and save with a purpose and with formulation of strategies here and there you will never go wrong and it will never be crowded for you. 
Thanks for reading. 
Xo, Peggy 
P.s This post will be in two categories :money and finances and Inspiration.

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