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I don’t need a microphone in my ear telling the whole world that i am my own CFO. Is it enough for people to recognize me as a CFO just because i have been employed as one? Is it because i have been employed as a treasure in one of the big paying companies? Is it just because i am a cashier at a school, rest aurant, hospital etc? Am i recognized as a CFO because i account for money in and out of the company? Am i recognized as a CFO because am the one who audits the book of a particular company so i get to know whether the income and expenditures are in accordance with the book statements made? I file my own tax returns so should i be called a CFO? I am in charge of my parents’ money when we go out,am i his/her CFO?  or is it because i am the one in charge of money at a particular group? That alone is not enough. That is just being a CFO. how about BEING YOUR OWN CFO? ? 
Being your own CFO   is not about holding money for a company, a person or a group with an intention of buying or partnership investment. It is the way you carry out yourself with your money, how you use it, budget, budget, save and plan for it. 
When i say i am my own  Chief Financial Officer, i mean i am in charge of my own money, i can easily convert in into an asset by my own investment (not a partnership), i can easily account for it at the end of the day, and finally i walk in the streets happy knowing that however little  my cash could be, i have used it in the best way possible and now i can save for my future investment (remember that an investment doesn’t have to be a house, plantation, land, car etc, even your hair is an investment. Even a dress). When you walk along the streets your friends are like (she has so much money). Not knowing that, you planned, budgeted and saved for all that. 
If you have your own land, real estate, maybe built a school, you have bought yourself a TV set with your own savings (it may be in form of pocket money, savings, salary, allowances or even payment of debts etc), you visited a place you have never been to before, you treated a friend, or just did something to yourself with your money that you have never done before. Does it hurt to call yourself your own CFO. Have a look at this, you wanted a radio in your house so badly and so decided to check how much a radio could cost and decided to save for it. Sometimes you even denied yourself lunch just to save that money because you wanted  to listen to music and you didn’t  have a smart phone, and finally you buy the radio, does it hurt to brag or call yourself your own CFO? 
Progress trumps perfection 
 don’t need to have reached the self-actualization point for me to recognize myself as my own CFO. I don’t need a 2nd or 3rd party to watch what i do, that is when i can call myself my own CFO. This is to encourage you who is trying your best to save every pinch of your money into an investment that will be of importance to you in future, that however little cash you save or invest in just remember that PROGRESS TRUMPS PERFECTION. Just keep making progress, save save, budget and plan plan and at the end of the period that pinch of money will have resulted to an asset, say piece of land, car etc. 
Why call yourself your own CFO 
I have a car, i have paid all my debts. Why should i call myself my own CFO? This is because if it were not for that money that you purposefully worked for, you wouldn’t have bought a car, you wouldn’t have even bought yourself a radio. It’s all about your finances, how you budgeted and saved for it and how you were in a position to stick to your budget. You are the officer of your money, it’s yours and not for any other person. You are the chief of your finances, how you manage your finances gives you the chief title and your finances is how you would budget and turn your finances into an assets via investment. That is the definition of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) according to #VisionFinancialConfidence. 
As the weekend starts, onto next week remember that PROGRESS TRUMPS PERFECTION. 

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  1. bakhitah

    January 24, 2017

    Thumbs up, I have never known that I have been my CFO? You kidding me. I agree, one should plan and budget for herself.

    • Vision Financial Confidence

      January 24, 2017

      Correct, that is what you need to be your own CFO. Thank you!

  2. JudithKemunto

    January 29, 2017

    I love the post girl.
    Your posts are getting me to seriously starting thinking about and making wise decisions concerning my money

    • Vision Financial Confidence

      January 30, 2017

      Thank you so much dear.This is actually the right time to start thinking about managing your money.

  3. passionateforsuccess

    February 9, 2017

    Great POST

    • Vision Financial Confidence

      February 9, 2017

      thank you

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