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Hey my Queens. Here is an interesting post for you. Are you struggling with your finances. Do you find yourself overspending and under-spending? What do i mean by the word Financialistas.
I get so motivated when i see or meet a lady who has made it in life,one who walks confidently in this streets knowing that she has met her financial obligations for the day,one who takes stock of her finances from to time to time.A lady who is not afraid of paying herself and gets over any challenge that may come regarding her finances.
This lady has mentors,role models,is open to learning new financial skills daily and has a positive attitude towards each and every circumstance in life.She has class,goals,vision boards and is financially self-driven.They amaze me.In most cases you can easily tell such a lady through the way they carry out themselves, decency, love and proper decision making is all it takes.
Have you ever thought of how important you are?how much the society needs you to make a change in their lives?How family and friends would appreciate you as a girl child who can and is a game changer in their lives?who slays as a queen and acts as queen and is not afraid of life challenges.
Why do some ladies spend more than they earn and become in debts?
So if you are not yet there,its not late lets get started.Below are the requirements needed in this world of financialistas

  1. What’s your purpose in life.What is it that you really want to achieve in life.What is it that you have always aspired to achieve in life.Make a point of formulating your purpose and goals whether short term or long term.Make them simple,realistic and honest.
  2. Have a budget and plan.If you have been following my blog you should have noticed that this has always been in all my posts.Budgeting and planning is the foundation of being financially stable,and for you to achieve in life,you have to plan for your life and budget for it.Otherwise you will always find yourself overspending and under spending and being in debts.
  3. What drives you.Find out of someone who motivates you.That trusted friend or relative who can be your mentor and role model.This is someone who knows how to manage their finances,who you would love o follow with regards to your finances and career wise. This s how you will grow.

Be your own financial manager,pay yourself,dress well ,put on nice shoes and clothes,have dinner outs with friends,work out,take your mum out for lunch and do not be swayed by peers.
So if you are a lady looking for personal finacial advise on the other side of the fence.Welcome to the world of financialistas. See you.

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  1. JudithKemunto

    October 23, 2017

    I especially love this part- (Be your own financial manager,pay yourself,dress well ,put on nice shoes and clothes,have dinner outs with friends,work out,take your mum out for lunch and do not be swayed by peers)
    Great post

    • mpeggyjoy

      October 24, 2017

      It’s true. Thank you my dear

  2. Eunice

    October 24, 2017

    i like

    • mpeggyjoy

      October 24, 2017

      Thanks dear

    • mpeggyjoy

      October 27, 2017

      thank you dear

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