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Most of the time we experience certain circumstances in life that we end up loosing hope even before we take action.Last night i was reading a book where the author after giving a talk on the power of positive thinking, a man from the congregation came and talked to him on this beautiful business idea that he had. However, he was afraid of making losses or his business not being approved. He was also afraid of what he would do next if he got into debts and unable to pay due to his business making losses. (To cut the story short), what moved me was the statement that the author told him to say each and every time in his heart. It was a statement in the bible verse that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, and from then he came back with a positive attitude and also learnt to Keep God first and to have a positive attitude in every aspect of life.
“Don’t be pushed by your problems be led by your dreams”Ralph Waldo Emerson.
I know the word financialista sound lady like, but it applies to both ladies a gentlemen. A financialista is a person who has a broader perspective to personal finances, seeks to learn more on their finances, is cautious on how they budget, saves and knows how to manage their finances.
Qualities of a financialista mindset

  1. God-fearing and keeps a positive mindset.

Sometimes just going to church worshiping God and paying tithes with an honest soul and faith can change your life  greatly. Personally i can say God has been so good to me and i think its because i respect him and pray without ceasing.spirituality-2381114_960_720This comes hand in hand with positive thinking. It is hard to just think positively about so me situations in life but once you know that God is in the midst of all things nothing  can scare you. Sometimes you will find yourself succeeding not because you worked so hard but because you just instilled some confidence and positivism that made you go places.
Financialstas pay tithes and dedicate their budgets and investments to God. They maintain a positive attitude towards their finances despite being in debt and making losses and afterwards take necessary action.i_am_strong-510x600
2. Financialistas don’t show up their weakness to the public
Have you ever been preparing for an interview and you go for advise from your mentor and this is what they say “some of the questions may seem difficult, stay confident and bold the whole session. Done show the interviewer that you don’t know”. They take up correction and move on despite the challenges. Your budget may not go as expected, prices of products may rise all of a sudden, you may overspend and under spend, you may get broke due to some obligations that you had to met. Find alternative solutions as fast as you can to fill the gap. Telling people and showing them how week you are may just make them happy.
3. Ambitious
Financialstas think about the future and even as they save, they budget for their future finances, they write down a to-do list, they invest in themselves and they are people who know the worth of managing their finances now for future purposes. when i was young i was taught to write my shopping list two weeks after closing school so that my parents can plan for their money and for budgeting purposes. I am still doing it now and the whole thing has taught me to plan and to shop with a purpose and of cos not with a fixed money.
4. Financialistas recognize reading as their best friends.
WhatsApp Image 2017-11-18 at 14.54.03Remember as a financialista you have already started despite the challenges. What keeps me going is the motivational books i read and the personal financial books that i engage in. I get to learn many life lessons,many ways of managing my finances and going debt free and also that is where i get ideas of blogging about and of cos apart from my own experiences. That is why my hand bag can never miss a book to read. I take reading as something i would love to do at anytime of the day when am not engaged.
Lastly. You are a product of your own thoughts. Set the financialista mindset and you will never go wrong with your finances. “PATIENCE IS YOUR GREATEST ALLY”
I am currently reading “The power of positive thinking”by Vincent Peale.
And watching scandal season 5
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  1. williammboga

    November 21, 2017

    Excellent article

    • mpeggyjoy

      November 21, 2017

      Thank you William

  2. Eva Kiaritha

    November 21, 2017

    Great article Joy. Thanks!

    • mpeggyjoy

      November 22, 2017

      Thank you.You are welcome Eva

  3. glowinmediakenya

    November 21, 2017

    “Don’t be pushed by your problems be led by your dreams”
    This motivated my today’s article; 8 success investments.

    • mpeggyjoy

      November 21, 2017

      Am glad it motivated you dear. Let me look at your article.

      • glowinmediakenya

        November 21, 2017

        Will be so glad.

  4. JudithKemunto

    November 23, 2017

    Loving the new look.
    And the piece is quite informative

    • mpeggyjoy

      January 17, 2018

      Thank you sweety

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