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By on May 4, 2018

Investing in your character makes you an all rounded person.

Happy Weekend. How do you anticipate your weekend to look like?For me i will go to church on sabbath, have a little bit of cleaning on Sunday and plan my week, including what blog posts i will be engaging you in through out the week. This is the first blog post after the re-brand of our office (the website) and i am super excited to have finally achieved one of my dreams desires, especially something that i love doing most. Being the first blog post i decided to have some self empowerment post, something that you will keep remembering anytime you want to make a financial decision in life. This is the backbone to managing your finances. Investing in your character.

Yesterday i was in a mat reading a book and i came across a story where the author narrates of one of his motivational forums where one of the people at the audience got moved by his speech, One point that changed his life was having a good leadership character in his company.

Sometimes it is not our employees or lack of resources that makes our company not perform well, but how we as leaders portray ourselves. How we tackle easy and difficult situations, and keeping the goal and mission of the company in mind as we make decisions.

Sometimes we are employed in a place for about 10 years with no promotion or no increment of our salaries and we start blaming and questioning our managers yet the problem is in us. We don’t want to come from the comfort zone, we want to sleep, eat, come to work late to story tell with other colleagues. What is your inner character? How well can you convince your manager that you have been working an extra mile and so you are eligible to promotion or salary increment.

Remember you don’t need to lead a group of people for you to call yourself a leader. You are the leader of your brain, your mouth and your decisions.  If you find time and go through google and find out how most of the successful people utilize their day you will not believe. Personally what i have learnt from my research is that you should identify the time that is best for you, and the time when you can work at your maximum, when your mind is much active and strong. Stick to a specific timetable everyday and let your mind get used to it. This is one of the qualities of investing in your character.

Investing in your character does not only involve money. When you engage your mind with reading motivational books, personal finance books, engaging with friends who add value in life , reasoning with every situation at hand, asking where not understood, and not letting mere circumstances dictate how your life will be. This is the first step to investing in your character. This will open up ways for you to greater heights to keep soaring until you achieve your dreams. People who invest in their character know their worth, they know the importance of having the best character and standing out from he rest,they are slow to react and are often very successful.

How you present yourself shows how you have invested in your character. Some people think being smart in brain and not putting on decent clothes means good character. You may not be skilled at something but you are decent in such a way that you may get an noble opportunity to learn the skills and grow both in mind and appearance. What does social media say about us? Are we those kind of people who show the entire social media platforms each and every step that we take? Investing in your character is learning how to be independent and grinding in silence. A smart person who has invested in their character will be wise enough to pick some of the educative information from social media and use them for their growth. When you invest in your character, you become innovative and careful with each and every decision that you make.

People who invest in their character have plans and formulate budgets that will lead them to making better decisions with their finances. This will enable them not to overspend or under spend their money. It enables them to save, invest and pay themselves with their money. They also get to monitor their progress from time to time and improve on a few areas not well done.

There is nothing as beautiful and encouraging as being recognized to have a good character. You always feel like you have given it your all and it is worth investing in. Investing in your character is the key step to growth and great improvement in life.

FINALLY! You are the product of your own thoughts. Reason over the decision you want to make and ask yourself whether it portrays the character you are investing in.

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  1. Madelyne

    May 6, 2018

    This is so inspiring.

    • mpeggyjoy

      May 6, 2018

      Thank you dear

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