Hunger to financial growth

By on May 15, 2018

We are hungry,not only because it is breakfast, lunch or supper but because we lack ideas, finances, knowledge, skills and the willpower to financial growth. Our financial ambitions are shuttered by the fears of the world, by the mere challenges that we experience day in day out. Never let challenges stop you from achieving your financial success. You are way too pretty, ambitious, full of energy and with an innovative mind ,get up dress up and work smart.

Yesterday i was watching a sad story of our friends who were displaced and their homes completely destroyed by floods. Even after what they had gone through they vowed not to leave that specific location however much they could be given a new homestead with a good terrain. Their reason was that, they have lived there since birth, they have survived there, they have been able to make money from that place, their crops grow very well in that location and so moving to a different place would mean they start again from scratch and chances are high, more suffering may come their way in the process. They did not loose themselves during this  tragic moment. They did not give up and say that their dreams have been shuttered, instead they wept for the loss, stood up much stronger and kept on yearning towards achieving their dreams.

Take charge of your mind. Let your ideas lead you towards achieving your financial growth. Don’t just be a consumer who is ready to consume what ideologists have come up with. Be open-minded, innovative and a ready to learn person. Do you know why not everyone can become rich? Because we think the only path to financial success is money when it is actually our minds. What you feed your mind will enable you to grow your finances.

We tend to align our goals with our income when we are supposed to dream big and look at what and where we want to be say 5 years from now. We hunger for financial growth but we still want to live on borrowing money that we will never return and staying in the comfort zone. This is why 10% of the people in the world are managing 90% of resources. They use ideas in their mind to come up with new things and get working. They are consistent and know the power of investing in their mind and not just the money they get. The world is not led and ruled by Equity bank or Barclays bank but the whole foundation is in a person’s mind that comes up with ideas. The mind is the biggest investment you can ever make.

Each and every time we admire people who have made it in life it terms of businesses and starting new projects and leave it at that. Do we ask them or do we ever ask ourselves what we need to do in order to grow and someday reach to their level? We hunger for financial growth but we are not concerned about reading a personal finance book, getting a mentor and learning on personal finance management skills. Our day to day activities determines whether we are having a positive financial growth or not.

Account for each and every penny we have. Build our personal finance skills by reading books, consultations and attending some personal finance events and finally let keep praying that God gives us the willpower to understand our finances and to grow each day. Reach out to your goal and start working towards achieving them. If you are not yet there, worry not for we are in this race together. lets keep learning and sharing our experiences.

Henry Ford was once asked by a reporter, “What would you do if you lost all your wealth today”. He simply replied “I would start over again”. That is the same spirit we should have.




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