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Building your Financial Foundation.

By on May 22, 2018

We loose so many opportunities, we sleep on our talents, we fail to invest, we degrade ourselves and our finances just because of the notion that we  tend to think financial foundation entails having a lot of money and reaching your self-actualization stage. Financial foundation is laying out a financial blue print for ourselves. Financial foundation is a road map that we create, for example a graph of where we have come from with our finances, where we are at the moment and where we want to go.

Building your financial foundation entails using the details in your financial blue print and take them in to action. If i am supposed to save twenty shillings a day, then what is it that i need to do in order to earn or save that twenty shillings and what is this extra thing that i can do to even double by savings to forty shillings.

Ways of building your financial foundation.

  1. Pray

Pray that God gives you the mind and ability to be innovative with your finances, to make clear and achievable goals, to dream about your finances and the discipline to live within your means. Have faith that nothing is impossible with God. Do the right thing, that which pleases him and he will always lead you to the path of righteousness.

2. Read books, Newspaper, Newsletters, and News

Even as reading improves your language and writing skills, getting the information written in personal financial books serves a great deal in leading you towards building your financial foundation, so do newsletters, newspapers and watching news on finances. Some of the personal finance books are Turnaround solutions by Amos Ngahu, The Intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham, The Millionaire next door by Thomas J Stanley etc.

3. Be consistent.

Time wasted will never be recovered and time does not repeat itself. My advise has always been that account for every time spent. Set a specific time frame say after one month I want to have saved ten thousand shillings and after six months my savings should have accumulated to fifty thousand and now i can start my own business. Let every time frame show a difference in terms of growth with your finances. Be consistent in the way you spend your money daily. What is the first thing you do when you earn your income? Do you start spending it without calculating how and where each and every shilling will go? Your waking up time should be consistent, The time you get at your workplace should be consistent. Make every good thing you do a character and be discipline.

4. Accept change positively.

Allow change whenever things are not working out. Change your style of doing things when all seems dim. Don’t feel frustrated and stagnant at one point as a sign of loosing hope. Never give up when you are not getting all  the finances you expect at that particular time or when you are not achieving your financial goals. Things are bound to happen, inconveniences happen but what is important is that do you accept change?and how do you wake up from the misfortune?. Don’t share your downfall with everyone. They will not help. 

5. Love your finances and let it be part of you.

Personally i love my finances such that each and every time i find myself thinking about where i want to be and what i want to do with my money (long-term goals) whether i have the money or not. It drives me towards making better decisions in life and trying not to overspend or under spend my finances. When you love what you do you let it be part of you, you become more ambitious in order to take them to another level, you grow in them and you will always be a successful person in life.

Final Note: The financial foundation you build now, reflects who you are and who you will be in future. It reflects your personality and how you approach situations of life. Be confident to analyze your finances and realize what you want to make of it in order to grow.

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