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By on June 6, 2018


Super Excited for this new initiative!!!

Since 2015 when i started a blog, my goal has always been to reach to as many people as possible who are hungry for financial growth, who did not learn finance in their education since and who need an emphasis on how to manage their finances, get out of debts and invest. I am glad i have taught a number of people and they have learnt from my articles in one way or another. The comments i have been receiving are overwhelming.

After thinking so much and for so long, something crossed this ambitious mind of mine. That there is much more that i can do than blogging. That i can start something new that is more interactive where people can have the opportunity of sharing their views one on one and learn from each others experiences.

I realized that there is a gap in our society concerning financial literacy, that people just know that they work for money, use it and start working again. They are not well informed on financial management. Starting this project will enable, me and you learn and even spread our knowledge in finances with our communities. Financial literacy initiative. 

Purpose of the Initiative.

To reach out to even more people who are not in a position to access the blog. To help the society grow and know the value and importance of their money. To appreciate each person’s income and experiences with their finances and teach them on how to manage debts. To bring people’s minds together and learn from them. To offer the best financial and investment decisions that will lead a person towards achieving their career dream.

What we will be doing.

  1. Discussions

We will be organizing discussions among ourselves where people will get to understand each other, share their experiences, lessons learnt as a result of the experiences and some of the personal financial challenges that people encounter and how to get over them.

2. Mentor-ships and Training

We will be organizing trainings in different topics from time to time and hence there will be a chance for you to share with others what you feel should be addressed.

3. Platforms for business idea generation.

We shall be holding events which will offer platforms for people to realize their dreams careers and have an open mind to entrepreneurship and some of the opportunities in the world for us today.

4. All things finance.

Listed above are just a few that i will be starting with but different projects will be arising from time to time, and the whole idea is for us to see the significance value of our finances, to be able to know that we don’t just save for the money to remain in our bank account, but we save to invest in something valuable in our lives.

The Panel

As a result of this, i decided to choose on a few people who will help me achieve this dream.

Basically they will be leaders of some of the events that we shall be holding and they will be part of the panelists in the panel discussions that we will be holding. You will get to meet some of them through our social media platforms. Get in touch with them and let us grow together in this field of finance as we design our dream life together.

Join the team of financialistas.



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Hello World, my name is Dorcus Joy Obura(Mpeggyjoy) welcome to the world of financialistas where i impact people's lives with personal/lifestyle finances,world/trends in finances,how to account and manage finances. We all have our financial vision to be wealthy and rich and to be confidence on the decisions we make with our finances. I'm a twenty-two year old lady with the passion for personal finance,world finance and wealth building.i honestly believe that my purpose is to help and serve to their satisfaction,hence helping them grow and develop towards their financial freedom.As a teenager my purpose is to read necessary financial stories and trends and get acquainted to world's finance.I believe this will help me grow and you as well.See the 'About' tab above for additional details.

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