Pursuing Finances and Building your Queendom 1

By on June 12, 2018

A little self-empowerment dose wouldn’t hurt.

It pains me so much seeing ladies trying to fit themselves in other people’s shoes especially on social media. We have long forgotten that you and me are two different entities. Both of us have our own daily goals, we prepare our own financial plans and budget our finances according to our capabilities. Neither do we share the same goals, dreams and purpose in life. It is time to wake up ladies,shall we!!

I like reading some of the biographies and initiatives of successful world successful women in life. I get moved by them, i get encouraged and just hope that my fellow ladies would pick out the good values, strengths, good character,  and motivating stories from such women. When you start looking at life from this point of view, your mind grows, your views on your finances becomes better, stronger and there is an eagerness within you that wants to pursue your finances and build your own queendom.

Be you and take charge of your finances. Think about the strategies that you want to put in place in order to pursue your finances. The path to pursuing your finances leads you to the growth of your queendom. That you just don’t want to spend your money, but you want to be an example of that kind of lady who proved today’s myth wrong that indeed ladies even have brighter financial visions and their purpose is building a queendom within them.

My word today is, do not activate fear when you are ready to pursue your finances. Cultivate faith, strength and an open mind towards your finances. plan and budget. Find something to invest in. It could be your personal effects, education, real estate, stock markets or to buy your daily essentials. Give back to the society with your finances and pay yourself when you can. Trust in God and pray that he blesses you with an open mind to make better decisions with your finances. God’s favor is not for a season but for a lifetime- Joel Osteen.

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