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Invitation to Financial planning and career talk

By on June 24, 2018

There is power in listening to a motivating speech and more so coming from life experiences. When someone speaks to you and shares their experiences, there is always an emotion attached to it that teaches you a life lesson. It opens your mind and gives you a wider view to how you perceive things in life.
Just like reading books, a conversation between two or more people sharing life ideas and how they want to make change to the society has a very big impact to both parties enabling them to have a vision of achieving more and pursuing their goals.
Why am i saying this?

This is to invite you to our very first talk on financial planning and building your career path that will be held on Friday 20th of July In Nairobi at American Space , Bazaar 5th floor Moi Avenue At 4:00pm to 6:30pm. We have various speakers represented including : A Motivational speaker, Career guidance speaker, our very own facilitator and a financial advisor. Each one of them will be broadly introduced in the course of time as we interact. Do you want to learn on how to keep your finances in order as you pursue your dream career? You wouldn’t want to miss this.

I am looking forward to  an interactive time with you as we prepare to share more on the long awaited day. But before then, i encourage us to confirm our attendance using the form below:

Book your Slot here:

See you there.

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