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An Update on the Financial planning and career path talk.

By on August 24, 2018

The awaited talk finally came to pass on 20th of July 2018 at the American spaces,Bazaar. We are pleased to write this post and briefly give you a jist of how it went down. The event was crowned by our able speakers, Judith Kemunto, Lucy Kariuki, Dan Odhiambo, and myself Joy Obura.

We had a brief session of introductions and realizing the main reason why we had been gathered for the discussion. Personal finance is one of the factors affecting us; the young, youths, elderly, our companies, corporate world and our day to day living. It is the decisions we make about our finances that will either lead us towards financial freedom or lead us towards debts, debts and more regrets in future.

There is need for us to plan for our income before spending. How do we choose our career choice? We must first realize who we are the reason for our existence. Appreciate the existence of each other and what impact they have in our lives.

A brief description of our speakers:

Madam Lucy Kariuki 

She is a teacher, mother, motivational speaker and coach. She pointed out the virtue of knowing your purpose in life, analyzing your career path, what you are good in and your role in life towards attaining your dream career. She started off with a career that she did not have any interest in but as time goes she realized her potential and she say “nothing is as beautiful as doing what you love and what you are good at.” She motivates us towards loving what we do, doing what we love and the results will be fruitful.

Judith Kemunto

A young authentic, smart, polite and a career lady. You know this down to earth people who carry a significant value to our societies? who motivates you just by the way they carry out themselves? she is one of them. She has been working at Equity bank since she cleared her campus. She faced a few challenges here and there as she was starting the career and she kept going. What motivated her is her enthusiastic mind, the ability to ask and and research about her work. She has so far  had 4 promotions within the last 4 years and is one of the best employees so far. I cannot capture everything in detail here her story is captivating, amazing and motivating. How she likes trying new things at her work place and the urge to learn more and more everyday made her who she is now. She said  ” It is our responsibility to take charge of our finances, to be our own CFO’S and to budget every shilling we acquire. Let’s run away from the habit of living from paycheck to paycheck with no direction.”

Dan Odhiambo

Dan is one of my team members, he works with me to give you good content, consultation services and hold training and talks, and many more that MPEGGYJOY  has for you. He is a financial Analyst, which qualifies him to be part of this great team. One of the things he pointed out during the talk is about loans. He says “Don’t go into too much debts that will be difficult for you to manage and pay them off within the minimum time possible”. He also gave a very educative presentation on personal finance that will be posted immediately after this post.

In additional to our guests just listening to the thoughtful words concerning personal finance and career path, the environment was so much conducive in such a way that anyone could ask  questions at any point in time and that made the session very interactive. People shared their experiences with there finances and career choice and in the long-run all of us benefited from each other. How can we go hungry in such a beautiful session? Refreshments were served at the convenient time and in the process people got to interact with each other on a personal basis (you wouldn’t want to miss the next one). At the end of the session, we had a photo session with our able photographer @Photogenixphotography just to make the event memorable in future. (what is an event without fun and selfies). Below are a few photos that were taken in the process.

How then do we plan for our finances?

  1. Have an understanding of how much you earn during and after a particular period in time.
  2. Write down Your income and expenditure
  3. Budget for every coin you have
  4. Remember to dedicate 10% towards your savings
  5. Learn how to manage debts and get out of them as fast as possible
  6. Seek advise from neighbors and experts
  7. Read personal finance and career books
  8. Get in touch with us. We are here to serve you and for us to grow together.


Keep an eye on the next post as i will be sharing a presentation that we heard from one of our speakers during the event.






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